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  • Fish tape with T60 Frame
  • T60 Frame

Fish tape with T60 Frame


Product Description

T60 frame Series

Model No:

T60 (small and light type)

Small frame for indoor operation. Special anti-rust treatment for the frame. Great protection and more durable.

Tool Dia.:

520 mm

Tool Weight:

2.24 kg

Tool Dimension:



Fish tape with T60 Frame

Small, exquisite and easy for carrying. New OPT option for the frame. Smooth rolling. Special anti-rust treatment for the frame, great protection and more durable. Multiple choice for the fish tape. Small, light and easy operation.

Model No:

F06100T (FRP Tape - Yellow)

F06150T (FRP Tape - Yellow)

L06100T (Three-Ply Tape - Black)

L06150T (Three-Ply Tape - Black)

L06S100T (Three-Ply Tape - Black+Red)

L06S150T (Three-Ply Tape - Black+Red)

L07100T (Three-Ply Tape - Black+Yellow)

L07150T (Three-Ply Tape - Black+Yellow)

W04100T (Single-Composite Tape - Orange)

W04200T (Single-Composite Tape - Orange)

W05100T (Single-Composite Tape - Yellow)

W05200T (Single-Composite Tape - Yellow)

W06100T (Single-Composite Tape - Green)

W06150T (Single-Composite Tape - Green)

W08100T (Three-Ply Tape - Red+Yellow / Steel-Ply Rope+Composite Tape)

W08150T (Three-Ply Tape - Red+Yellow / Steel-Ply Rope+Composite Tape)

Tool Dia.:

6mm (F06100T/F06150T/L06100T/L06150T/L06S100T/L06S150T)

7mm (L07100T/L07150T)

4.5mm (W04100T/W04200T)

5.2mm (W05100T/W05200T)

6.2mm (W06100T/W06150T)

7mm (W08100T/W08150T)

Breaking Strength:

650kgs (F06100T/F06150T/L06100T/L06150T/L06S100T/L06S150T)

850kgs (L07100T/L07150T)

300kgs (W04100T/W04200T)

420kgs (W05100T/W05200T)

550kgs (W06100T/W06150T)

950kgs (W08100T/W08150T)

Tool Length:

100m (F06100T/L06100T/L06S100T/L07100T/W04100T/W05100T/W06100T/W08100T)

150m (F06150T/L06150T/L06S150T/L07150T/W06150T/W08150T)

200m (W04200T/W05200T)

Tool Weight:

4.8kg (F06100T)

7.2kg (F06150T)

6kg (L06100T)

7.7kg (L06150T)

6kg (L06S100T)

7.7kg (L06S150T)

6.5kg (L07100T)

8.5kg (L07150T)

4.3kg (W04100T)

5.2kg (W04200T)

4.7kg (W05100T)

6.9kg (W05200T)

5.5kg (W06100T)

8.5kg (W06150T)

7kg (W08100T)

9.2kg (W08150T)


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F06100T & F06150T & L06100T & L06150T & L06S100T & L06S150T & L07100T & L07150T & W04100T & W04200T & W05100T & W05200T & W06100T & W06150T & W08100T