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No. 33, Renhuagong 18th Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412039, Taiwan

Our office e-mails
For inquiry and technical support
For shipment and account issue
For Taiwan sales partner
Our sales department and contact as below
TEL: 886-4-24912681
U.S.A. | Middle East | Korea | New Zealand
Ms. Sandy #510
China | Taiwan | Hong Kong | Singapore | Cambodia
Ms. Susan #509
Europe | Thailand 
Ms. Sage #511
England | Philippines | Sri Lanka | Russia | Vietnam
Ms. Apple #504
India | Malaysia | Indonesia | Africa
Mr. Peter #515
Mexico | Egypt  | Australia
Ms. Jenny#507
Our managing department and contact as below
For global market and new business development/show
Mr. P.T. Tseng #512
For production cost analysis and control
Ms. Joyce #513
For international shipping, accounting and production control
Ms. Rita #505